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Micro Segmentation

App and API Security

Applications run our world. But as applications and users proliferate, so do security risks. Our App and API solution family secures your enterprise with an award-winning WAAP, bot management, API security, and DDoS protection that give you the visibility into threats and the attack defenses you need.

Get protections that automatically update, self-tune to your policies, and maintain high performance even while fighting off botnets or record-setting DDoS attacks.

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DDoS Protection

Businesses today face the constant threat of sophisticated and well-orchestrated DDoS attacks. Akamai’s DDoS protection, built on dedicated infrastructure, protects your internet-facing applications and systems while maintaining fast, highly secure, and always-available DNS.
With UNIT  you can stop DDoS attacks and malicious traffic in the cloud before they reach applications, data centers, and infrastructure, without the need for multiple firewalls.

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Abuse and Fraud Protection

Top credential stuffing, bots, and human web fraud with the smartest detection and mitigation.
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Zero Trust Security

End your dependence on firewalls and VPNs for network security. Akamai’s Zero Trust solutions secure your entire IT environment, whether it’s on-premises or cloud; your apps, whether they’re legacy or SaaS; and your employees, whether they’re on-site or remote.

Akamai’s visibility into your assets, access, and network flows provides a foundation for your Zero Trust security strategy. And our global expertise can help you hunt down the most evasive threats and limit lateral movement in the event of a breach.

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