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Data Security                      

Data at Rest

Futurex provides secure data encryption and agile key management solutions to help database administrators balance security and availability without compromise. Almost every organization must protect data at rest in network servers, and can do application encryption which allows organizations to encrypt files or specific data fields at the application level before storing them.

Also, Futurex Data Protection solution can do on File encryption enables organizations to secure files at rest and encrypt them before they travel through public channels.

On the other hands Tokenization protects valuable data by replacing clear data with randomly generated tokens. However, the databases which store the tokens alongside the corresponding data are high-risk targets .

The advanced Futurex tokenization method uses a vaultless method, eliminating the risk and complexity created by token vaults.

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Data in Transit

We live in a Data everywhere world”, network teams can only control their part of the total network infrastructure a piece of data travels over from point A to point B .As a result, there are sections of the network journey that are vulnerable and where data can be targeted and extracted.

Data Protection Risk mitigation -DPRM solves this problem by applying security to the one thing you do have total control over – your data. Each application data flow will have a different level of sensitivity and value to a business so running them all down a single tunnel makes no sense. Each application data flow needs its own protection with its own set of encryption keys and needs to be kept separate from every other application data flow.

DPRM crypto-segmentation uses customer-controlled policies to define what is protected, how it is protected and how often that protection is refreshed for every individual application data flow without creating any network tunnels or impacting any other network

device or tool.

DPRM can run many tens of thousands of these policies concurrently with virtually no impact on performance, and it is totally transparent to the network infrastructure so your investment in network monitoring and reporting tools is safe.

Certes DPRM solution offers a suite of patented data-centric technologies aimed at minimizing data loss and regulatory risks and ensuring the utmost security for your organization.

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