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End Point Security:

Mobile Security:

The growing reliance of employees and businesses on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has revolutionized our connectivity and work practices. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, employees can access sensitive data and corporate systems as easily as they would from their office desktops, posing a significant risk to customer data, intellectual property, and core systems.

GravityZone Security for Mobile ensures safe and secure access to corporate data, safeguarding both corporate-owned and BYOD devices from modern attack vectors, including zero-day, phishing, and network attacks, by detecting both known and unknown threats.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an endpoint security solution that combines continuous, real-time monitoring and the collection of endpoint data and insights with detection capabilities and automated response actions.


GravityZone EDR Cloud detects advanced threats including fileless attacks, ransomware, and other zero-day threats in real-time. Its threat analytics and cloud-based event collector continuously monitor endpoints and prioritizes security events into a list of incidents for investigation and response,

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Extended Detection and Response

Easily integrate, correlate and contextualize data from multiple security signal sources across your entire organization. Detect, respond and prevent threats from a single console in a language any human can read​,

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Integrity monitoring

Take your integrity monitoring beyond only files with GravityZone Integrity Monitoring to ensure you are meeting compliance and regulatory security standards by monitoring the integrity of entities such as files, registries, directories, installed applications, and users for escalation of privilege throughout your organization.  


Your security teams will benefit from the ease of deployment and rapid configuration to quickly start identifying anomalies. With capabilities like automated and guided responses to changes, event categorization to quickly identify the most critical events, and performance optimizations to reduce alert fatigue, realizing rapid returns is made simple by the Bitdefender approach to comprehensive Integrity Monitoring, for more details please visit(


Patch Management

Strengthen security and reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities in software, operating systems and applications with automated patch management.

With the GravityZone Patch Management module organizations can keep their operating systems and software applications up to date and enjoy a comprehensive view of the patch status across their entire Windows install base. The automated patching module delivers updates for an organization’s entire fleet of workstations, physical servers, or virtual servers, for more details please visit(


Full disk Encryption

GravityZone Full Disk Encryption encrypts boot and non-boot volumes on fixed disks, desktops and laptops and gives you simple remote management of the encryption keys.

It provides centralized handling of the native device encryption mechanisms provided by Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (File Vault and the diskutil command-line utility) to ensure optimal compatibility and performance, for more details please visit(

Security for Containers

GravityZone Security for Containers protects container workloads against modern Linux and container attacks using AI threat prevention, Linux-specific anti-exploit technologies, and context-aware endpoint detection and response (EDR).


GravityZone Security for Containers offers consistent visibility and control for all containers and workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, for more details please visit (


Cloud and Servers security

Bitdefender Cloud Security minimizes the security impact on cloud computing resources and automates security management using comprehensive integrations with technologies from Citrix, Nutanix, VMware, and public clouds such as Amazon and Azure.

GravityZone includes a purpose-built cloud server security stack that provides robust prevention and detection across hybrid, multi-cloud and physical desktops, servers, mobile devices, and email, for more details please visit (



Security for Storage

The need for greater collaboration in the workplace, along with growing digital transformation, increase the demand on shared storage systems. At the same time, sophisticated and prolific cyber threats require in-depth defense.

GravityZone Security for Storage delivers proven protection for ICAP-compatible file-sharing and network storage systems that is easy to manage, for more details please visit(

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