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Security Log Management

Security Log Management is the industry’s most advanced cloud-native solution in support of security use cases. The product represents the entry point to ingest, parse, store, and search security data in one place, providing a lightning fast, modern search and dashboarding experience. Security Log Management delivers affordable log management at scale without advanced programming, query-building skills or lengthy deployment cycles.

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extends the cloud-scale capabilities of Exabeam Security Log Management with additional features for threat, detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). Exabeam SIEM includes Alert and Case Management, over 100 pre-built correlations, integrated threat intelligence and powerful dashboarding capabilities. The solution delivers analysts new speed, processing at over 1M events per second (EPS) sustained. 

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Fusion represents the industry’s most powerful and advanced cloud-native SIEM and introduces New-Scale SIEM. It unites the combined capabilities of all Exabeam products: cloud-native data storage, rapid data ingestion, hyper-quick query performance, powerful behavioral analytics, and automation that changes the way analysts do their jobs. 

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Security Analytics

Security Analytics was designed to upgrade an organization’s defenses and detect sophisticated and credential-based attacks. As the only UEBA product that can run on top of a third-party SIEM or data lake, Exabeam Security Analytics ingests, parses, and normalizes data using a Common Information Model (CIM). Exabeam Security Analytics UEBA baselines normal behavior for users and devices to highlight anomalies and assigns a risk score to each notable event.  

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Security Investigation

Security Investigation combines content, workflows, and automation with UEBA to provide outcome-focused threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) capabilities to ineffective SIEMs. As another Exabeam product that works on top of a third-party SIEM or data lake, Exabeam Security Investigation helps teams standardize around TDIR best practices. Exabeam Security Investigation includes prescribed workflows for ransomware, phishing, malware, compromised insiders, and malicious insiders, with pre-built content focusing on specific threat types and attack techniques.

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